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We exist to Serve, Strengthen and Start Churches!

Our Core Value is RELATIONSHIP!



October is Minister Appreciation Month!

Here are 10 ways to bless your minister:

1.         A handwritten letter committing to pray for your Minister. I just spoke with a Minister who received such a gift. He was choked up just talking about it.

2.         A handwritten letter of support. Ministers receive criticism regularly. It’s an unfortunate way of life for them. Though many of you support your Ministers, they really appreciate your telling them so.

3.         An anonymous letter with cash. Let your Ministers know the gift is for them. Most Ministers have no extra funds to buy books or resources or even go out to eat.

4.         A gift card. Find out what your Ministers really like. Do they have a favorite restaurant or store? Get them a gift card.

5.         A childcare certificate. Commit to a certain number of days to watch the Minister’s children, assuming the kids are still at an age that need childcare. That will be an incredible gift for Ministers and spouses.

6.         A handwritten letter expressing how much difference the Minister has made your life. Be specific. Let your Ministers know how much their ministries mean to you personally. Don’t write in generalities, but in ways that demonstrate your life is better because of your Minister.

7.         A handwritten letter of gratitude to the Minister’s spouse. Ministers’ spouses rarely get affirmed. Your letter of gratitude will mean so much—both to the spouse and to the Minister.

8.         Books. Most Ministers love books. Most Ministers have a wish list of books they would like. If you can’t find the specific wish list, a gift card for them is great as well.

9.         Video of gratitude. Produce a video to be shown in the worship service. Have testimonies of gratitude. Show specific ways the Minister has made a difference. Express gratitude to the Minister’s family as well.

10.        Remember their anniversary. Let Minister appreciation month be a reminder for you to note your Minister’s anniversary at the church. Celebrate it when that date arrives. Too many Ministers get passed by every year despite their ministry and labors for the church and the Kingdom.

(From Thom Ranier)



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Here is a GREAT immediate follow-up tool for those who have recently been saved.  It is all online and can be easily accessed by the new Believer and by those who are discipling them.






Done for Business but excellent for ministry:








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